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Welcome to all of you on itisolan.org my name is Bhawani I am a student and a blogger generally I prepare for the competitive exams and from there I get all the general knowledge related to competition, I help people by sharing on the blog.

Friends, I launched this website in 2021 and started sharing a lot of information here and people started liking the information given by us, I am very happy to see that my motivation increased.

Friends, my aim regarding this website is that I want this website to become the highest quality website of the education category because there is very little good information related to education in Hindi, so I created this website and started sharing good information so that I help people and help them reach their goals.

Friends general I prepare for Indian Air Force and my interest is very much in technical things I love to do technical things and this is also my passion I believe that a person should always follow his passion because if you follow your passion If you follow it, you can work for a long time without stopping, so everyone should follow their passion.

Friends, I hope you like our article and all the questions you have will be answered on our block.

But still, if you want to know about any topic you can contact me at the following email: [email protected]

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If you want to know about any topic, you can tell me by email, I will definitely tell you about it.

Regard: Bhawani