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Huner Se Rozgar TaK


The trained human resource is an important component to the tourism sector in the state of Himachal Pradesh. With the objective a sustainable tourism in the state and also to provide professional expertise to the local residents of Himachal Pradesh as well as to propagate fresh opportunities for employment generation in the tourism sector, the training programme of Driving Skills (As part of Hunar Se Rozgar Tak Scheme) of Ministry of Tourism, HRD Division, Government of India will cater the need of tourism industry. The skill level and educational attainment of the workforce determine the productivity as well as the ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. A majority of Indian workforce not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improving their economic condition. The educational entry requirements and long duration of courses of the formal training system are some of the impediments for a person of low educational attainment to acquire skills for his livelihood. A large number of Tourism Service Provider in the organised/unorganised sector also require some basic training and certification to provide better service standard and consumer satisfaction. Thus these training programmes in tourism sector will fulfil the requirement upto some extent. Thus following Training Programmes shall be covered under the guidelines of scheme to provide for the persons to acquire ”Driving Skill” as part of Hunar Se Rozgar Tak Scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, HRD Division, Government of India New Delhi (i) Driving Skill Training: This Specialised training shall be provided in Government ITI Solan under IMC of this institute. This ITI has its own building with sufficient space. The training programme in tourism sector which will run in this institution under said Scheme. Preferable the candidates of 18 Years to 28 years, who are Matriculate and having Learning License, are eligible for training under this scheme. The duration of driving Scheme course is 45 Hours. However the training duration on a day not exceed 3 Hours. (ii) Etiquette Training: The central Institute of Hotel Management in the State will conduct the etiquette training of 3 days under the over all supervision of the State Government concerned.

  • Candidates Trained Under Scheme Huner Se Rozgar TaK in the Year 2015-16
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  • List of Candidates Trained under Scheme Huner Se Rozgar Tak